Attitude of Safety in the Workplace

Satisfying our customers with the best cleaning that can be done in the janitorial industry is the main goal of Tri-County Janitorial. That can only be achieved by making safety the most important thing that we do.  One misstep, one lapse in concentration, can have serious repercussions for everyone involved.  That is why we make an attitude of safety our top priority.

Our fundamental philosophy for doing this is complete awareness of ones surroundings and oneself at all times while on the job. 

Janitors and cleaning staff have one of the highest risks for repetitive motion injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries or injuries that happen from exacerbating an off the job injury occur mainly when there is a break down in awareness or a complete denial of the importance of any pain or discomfort.  We train our janitors and cleaning staff to avoid these types of injuries by being aware of everything that they do.  An awareness of and reaction to every feeling, by example if you feel thirsty drinking water, is of paramount importance.  Any lapse in this can be met with severe consequences.   

safety first
An attitude of safety starts here

Company wide safety is achieved by significant discussion of this in an applicant’s pre-employment interview, observation of an employee’s actions during the training period, and frequent interaction with the employee about safety and awareness through their entire time of employment. 

Our safety program includes safety articles tailored to our business environment which go out to employees twice a month, deliberate discussions of safety in almost every interaction with individual employees or groups, safety checks of our operations in each facility on a regular basis, and several safety meetings a year across cultures of the company – gathering managers, foremen, and janitors together to learn from each other and discuss safe practices.

Everything starts with the employee’s initial orientation when they make a commitment to be safe and act safe with specific focus on personal responsibilities and what it means in specific aspects of the job.

The attitude of safety which we require from every janitor, foreman, and manager in our company extends well beyond the individual.  The personal foundation of safety is strengthened by interactions with other safety minded co-workers and supervisors.  This foundation of safety allows us to then create a safe work environment for not only our own employees, but for our customers as well.  The attitude of awareness towards safety emphasizes awareness of self, surroundings, and others; then, removing or communicating the existence of potential hazards to others. 

It is the safe way in which our janitor’s work which allows us to clean our customer’s offices and buildings consistently, thoroughly, and effectively; while giving our customers peace of mind.

See our previous article: Safety is No Accident to see more of our safety program.

Safety is No Accident

Safety is no accident in janitorial work, or in any field really.  Working safely takes intention and effort.  Just as a janitor needs to work safely when performing tasks, so does an office assistant or an engineer.  Although the tasks being performed are vastly different, there are safe and unsafe ways of completing them.

We focus strongly on promoting safety in the workplace.  Awareness, training, and prevention are our keys to a safe work environment.  Many accidents can be avoided if you take simple steps in advance and while working.

Identify, Assess, and Control Potential Safety Hazards
Identify, Assess, and Control Potential Hazards

Know the Hazards

In order to work safe, you must first know what the hazards are. 

Take a moment to think over your daily tasks.   Do you lift, bend, or reach frequently?  Do you sit in one place for long periods of time?  Do you work around heavy equipment?  Although these tasks are associated with many different types of jobs, they each pose unique risks. 

Identifying the hazards unique to your tasks is the first step in working safe.

Avoid Hazards

Once you know what the potential safety hazards are, you can take steps to avoid them.  Alternate light and heavy tasks.  Take a break from repetitive motion by changing to a task that requires different movements.  Use proper procedures when handling equipment.  Each of these things is a simple idea to avoid everyday hazards.  In most cases, training, research, or sometimes just pure common sense are good ways to avoid hazards. 

Focus on Good Safety Habits

The best way to avoid safety hazards is to develop good habits.  Be careful not to slip into the mindset that, “Safety is just being nit-picky, I’ll be fine.”  Often in work, the things that we do every day become routine.  We don’t think through every movement or action because we’ve done it so many times before.  Because of this, it is crucial that the routine is founded on safety.  Don’t give into the temptation to take shortcuts or ignore what you know is safe just because you can.  Making safety your default, or your routine, is the best way to work.

In the world of COVID, safety takes on a whole new meaning for anyone in business or in life. Many of our hazards do start to look the same regardless of the industry we are in. Are we using the necessary personal protective equipment, disinfecting work surfaces, and taking all of the other necessary steps to protect not only ourselves as individuals but also those around us?

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Tri-County Janitorial Provides Excellent Service

Our office is centrally located in Kingsburg, at the meeting point of the Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties.  This location is what inspired the name Tri-County Janitorial.  We are privileged to provide janitorial service and commercial cleaning for businesses in all three counties. Our service area stretches from Fresno to Tulare and Hanford to Reedley.

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At this unique time, quality janitorial services – office cleaning or cleaning of industrial spaces, schools, or religious organizations, is more necessary than ever.  A trained and skilled staff of cleaning pros can make all the difference.

In this time, we look forward to forging new relationships with clients and giving them the high quality of service that Tri-County Janitorial seeks to provide. We will be happy to serve you in Fresno, Kings and Tulare Counties. Our staff has proven themselves in this industry. They can take a situation of neglect and turn it around by working hard and providing you with the highest quality of service.


Mark L. Jones, President/CEO

We Are Ready to Clean

When the virus Covid-19 hit our economy and especially threatened our loved ones, things became more uncertain than ever.  Something happened that had never happened before and for many of us, it meant being laid off jobs.

For Tri-County Janitorial, we continue to serve a little over 60% of the commercial cleaning we do.  In the janitorial business, we serve companies and businesses that serve you with your most essential needs like emergency services and cattle feed for the meat you eat.  We do office cleaning for those who pick up your trash, the engineers that build your buildings and roads, your banks, and pharmacies.

Please call us to clean your office, industrial facility, or church.  We are on the front lines now serving so many and when your offices, churches, and houses of worship start up again, we will be happy to serve you again.  We are qualified to serve any size business and we are ready to clean for you!