Training is Key in Janitorial Services

Tri-County Janitorial serves Fresno, Visalia, Kingsburg, Selma, Reedley and the near by areas.  We are happy to provide commercial cleaning for many types of businesses in these areas and all through the valley.  It is in large part due to our employees’ training and dedication that we are allowed to succeed.

We believe that efficient and effective training is an essential tool to success in the cleaning industry.  Each of our janitors receives on-the-job, side by side instruction with a skilled member of our staff. We strive to continue that training through all their years with us.

training is key as employee and CEO collaborate on job plans

Many people may say, ‘anyone can clean,’ but the janitorial field is not a job for the untrained or faint of heart.  Janitors put in long, strenuous, and sometimes very solitary hours to give others a clean office space to work in.  Teaching an eye for detail and efficiency are each equally important in this task.  As in any industry, ineffective training leaves an employee and therefore the entire company at a disadvantage.  By empowering our cleaners with proper training, our entire company is brought a step closer to true success.

Because of quality training we can serve a variety of commercial and office cleaning needs.

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Top Quality Janitors Promote Growth

In December, we expanded our range to once again clean businesses in Madera. We have brought on top quality janitors to provide the best janitorial services we could offer. With this great staff, we continue to serve the Valley thriving on a job well done.  Our service area covers areas in and around Fresno, Fowler, Selma, Kingsburg, Reedley, Visalia, Tulare, and Hanford.

As we recently celebrated the company’s 10 Year Anniversary, we also celebrated anniversaries for our two longest term employees. Our Office Manager of 9 years and Fresno-area Foreman of 7 years show great dedication to our company and customers. In addition to these two, we have built a strong base of quality janitors who pride themselves on doing the best cleaning possible for each and every customer.

Our janitors know that they are the front line of our company. They take seriously their cleaning tasks and customer service, making sure that each of their customers is heard and cared for. Our janitors know that their work contributes on a daily and weekly basis to the professional appearance which our customers wish to show to their customers.  Whether they work on office cleaning, educational facilities, churches, or any type of business, they give their best.  That is why our awesome employees are the basis of this company!

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